quoteI have worked in the medical field for over 20 years and have a good feel for what doctors are truly professionals and who have the real “care” for their patients.  I had interviewed a few Plastic Surgeons in Marin County, of which none of them came close to being as caring, personal, interested in me and want “I” want to have done, as Dr. Wolf.  I could tell with my consultation with Dr. Wolf, that ever detail, issue, concern and questions I had were discussed  beyond completion and in a very personal and caring way.  To have a surgeon be the only person handling the pre-op, surgery and post-op without delegating to another assistant is very impressive and leaves no room for error.  Dr. Wolf’s attention to every detail is impeccable.  I felt beyond assured before, during and after my surgery in that Dr. Wolf is the surgeon or me.  Dr. Wolf and his lovely Office Manager Maggie, have only continued to exceed my expectations as I continue with follow-up and ongoing care.  My surgery results have only exceeded my end result expectations and friends who do not know I had any kind of procedure done continually comment at how “fresh”, “younger” and “great” I look.  Dr. Wolf is beyond a 5 star rating in my book.  Thank you Dr. Wolf and Maggie!

~ Linda B., Novato, CA

quoteI simply cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wolf.  My entire experience from my initial consultation to my surgery day and post-operative care have been nothing but positive.  I interviewed a few physicians both in Marin and San Francisco before proceeding with my breast augmentation.  I heard some very positive things through a friend-a friend about Dr. Wolf, and after meeting him and spending an entire hour with him I realized his reputation proceeded him.  He really took the time to answer all of my questions and explain the procedure thoroughly.  I felt entirely comfortable and confident in his experience as a physician, and sensed that besides being a gifted and competent surgeon, was a kind and gentle man.  I was right.  my surgery went beautifully, my recovery was easier than I had anticipated and I am thrilled with my new look.  Dr. Wolf and Maggie who runs his office are an excellent team and made me feel so cared for.  If you are interested in plastic surgery, I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wolf.

~ Jamie G., San Anselmo, CA

quoteIn the Fall of 2008 I had bariatric surgery and lost 80 lbs.  Realizing the skin wasn’t going to snap back as it did when I was younger, I decided to have some plastic surgery to tighten things up a bit.  May daughter had worked extensively with Dr. Wolf in the OR and saw the quality of his work and highly recommended him — “Mom,  he’s the best I’ve seen!”  Since I preferred to go out of town for privacy, I decided to try Dr. Wolf.  He was so patient and calmly explained the procedures and answered all of my questions.  He and Maggie put me totally at ease and I did not have a single doubt that I had chosen the right doctor.  My outcome was phenomenal – much better than I ever imagined it would be.  So, I waited a few months and had a few more procedures and I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.  It’s me, only more “refreshed” and my friends know I look great but they’re not sure why.  I feel good about myself and look forward to turning 60 in September.

~ Pamela C., Ross, CA

quoteShortly before my 60th Birthday, I decided to have my face ‘refreshed’ – not to attempt to look 30 again, but a great 50 or so.  Dr. Wolf was recommended by a close friend who had used his services (she looked great).  I felt comfortable from the minute I walked in the door.  Dr. Wolf and his staff understood what it was that I was looking for and provided a realistic, kind and intelligent picture of the surgery itself and what to expect in the way of results.  The surgical work was superb as was the hospital and the follow-up.  It has been 2 years and I still see Dr. Wolf periodically.  My ‘refreshed’ look continues to make my 60’s an easier place to be.

~ Diana G., San Francisco, CA

quoteThe first time I went to see Dr. Wolf for a consultation I was very nervous.  But immediately after meeting him and having him spend a lot of time with me explaining everything, I knew this was the right doctor.  My results are great and my recovery time was very fast.  I did have a question the night after my surgery and Dr. Wolf eased my worries with his calming way.  Also, Maggie in his office is a dream.  She is very friendly and she too spends a lot of time answering questions.  I have gone to Dr. Wolf for many years and I have recommended him to many friends.  Everyone is as happy as I am with the whole experience.

~ Mary D., Houston, TX

quoteOf course he knows what he’s doing. He’s a professional!

~ Tatum Wolf, age 5, Mill Valley, CA